To edit pictures in PixelArea with wonderbrush you need to zoom in with the +scope. Zoom in so far that you can see every Pixel on his own.

In Edit mode it is very handy to see every Pixel in a roster.

You can activate this roster in the Edit - Preferences menu. Show Pixel Grid.

The roster is only visable between a zoom from 800% to 3200%.

Now we sellect the Pen tool that enables us to draw one Pixel at a time. The Pen tool can be found if you move your mouse above the toolsection at the top of the application, if you leave the mouse hanging over the tools you will see the name of that tool.

If you start to draw the picturs the Antialias effect is active. This means that all collors wil adjust to their surrounding. The pixels placed by you will be added with adjusted Pixels that will add to a more smoothing view. Best used with roundings.

To deactivate this effect you should mark the Sollid in the toolbar. Best if you unmark the Subpixels, making sure the integral Pixel coordinates are accepted for the mouse position.

This setting is best used for drawing Icon's.

Translation by Luc Schrijvers (Begasus) of the Belgium BeOS Usergroup.
Documentation by Ralf Schülke (Stargater) and Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) Juli 2005
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.