FreeSCI is a portable interpreter that allows you to play old Sierra games on current computers.

Games like Space Quest, Kings Quest or Leisure Suit Larry.

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Installing FreeSCI

ZIP Archive

Have you download FreeSCI as ZIP archive, unzip it to a location of your choice. Then create a shortcut of the freesci binary to /boot/home/config/non-packaged/bin. So you can run FreeSCI at any time using a Terminal.

HPKG file

For the current Haiku versions, it is recommended to install FreeSCI from a HPKG file.

You can download the HPKG file from our repository server BeSly Software Repository.

Perform a double click on the downloaded HPKG file and press Install.

During the installation a shortcut will be set to /boot/system/bin, so you can run FreeSCI at any time using a Terminal.

Haiku Depot

You can also install FreeSCI conveniently via the Haiku package management system Haiku Depot.

Moreover, you will have to add our repository server in the list of the download servers of HaikuDepot.

Open a terminal and enter the following command:

pkgman add-repo


Now open HaikuDepot over the Application menu and search for FreeSCI by entering in the search box.

Select FreeSCI and press on Install.

After installation, you can simply call FreeSCI through the terminal.

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Import game files

To play a Sierra game using FreeSCI it is advisable to copy the program files to your computer.

Create a new folder on a place of your choice, put in a game disk and mount these.

Then copy all program files to the created directory.

All files need to be lower case, so you need to rename all files including a uppercase letter.

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Configurating FreeSCI

To change the configuration of FreeSCI, you have to open and change the config file from the FreeSCI Directory

Did you have installed FreeSCI as HPKG file from our repository server (local or HaikuDepot), you will find under due to the lack of write access to the Program Files folder, the configuration file at /boot/home/config/settings/freesci.cfg

Since I previously had to make any changes, I will not go into further on editing the configuration file:

# Example configuration file for FreeSCI 0.3.2
# This will slow down FreeSCI considerably, but give you much better graphics.

pic_buffer_size = 4
pic0_brush_mode = more-random
pic_antialiasing = simple
pic0_dither_mode = dither256
pic0_scaled = yes
pic0_line_mode = normal
pic0_dither_pattern = scaled
text_filter = trilinear
cursor_filter = trilinear
pic_filter = trilinear
view_filter = trilinear

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Start the Games

To start a game, open a Terminal window and add following commands:

cd /path/to/the/game folder

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A selection of supported game:

  • Hero's Quest / Quest for Glory 1
  • Space Quest 3
  • King's Quest 4
  • Leisure Suit Larry 2
  • Leisure Suit Larry 3
  • Police Quest 2
  • The Colonel's Bequest
  • Conquest of Camelot

For more information look in the documentation of FreeSCI.

If you have installed FreeSCI as HPKG file from our repository server (local or HaikuDepot), you will find th documentation under: /boot/system/documentation/FreeSCI.

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Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) October 2015 | Translation June 2016
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.