System: Haiku 

System: Haiku Alpha 3
D2STE Version 1.0

Drop2Sort Text Entrys is a program to sort the contens of text files alphabetically.

d2ste dropzone

In recent years I have often built programs that use text files for program informations and configurations. Every time it was important to sort they contens alphabetically. So the idear for this program was born.

1. Installation

The program can be used immediately after unpacking. The program check out all dependencies automatically.

2. Settings

d2ste settings

In the settings you can set options for sorting.

2.1 Overwrite existing file

Activating this option overwrites the original file.

3. Operation

To use the application is very easy. Mark one or more files with your mouse and drag and drop them over the "Program" window. All dropped files are listed into the file list. To sort the contens of the text files press "sort".

d2ste input output


before / after


Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) November 2012
Made available by BeSly, the BeOS, Haiku and Zeta knowledge base.