Click-O-Manie is a remake of an old classic game for BeOS and Haiku. Development by Rüdiger Wartenberg of Hentrich-Software.


The installation is very simple, the unpacked game file is executable from any location, they not require any additional other files than the program file.

Structure and Operation

The playing field consists, even if it does not look so out of 200 squares in different colors. If two or more same colored squares next to each other give this an unit. These units can and must be removed from the player. To remove a unit, just click on it with the mouse.

If you remove a unit from the playing field, the overlying squares droping down. So you get every time new Opportunities.

The goal is to remove so many squares as possible fromt he playing field. Best is to remove all. You will see this is not so easy.


You can download Click-O-Manie directly from Hentrich-Software or from BeSly Software Repository.


Tutorial by Christian Albrecht, Juni 2013
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.