Aleph One is an open Source 3D-First-Person-Shooter-Game based on Marathon 2 from Bungie Software.

This game originally developed for the Mac OS platform has been ported to several platforms. The BeOS Version 0.11.1 used for this tutorial is very old but is runable on Haiku too. This version does not developed anymore, but according to a statement by Christian Bauer, who published this game in the year 2000 on, is full playable.


To install AlephOne You need the Aleph One package,the SDL libraries and the graphics and sound package Marathon Infinity Demo:

Extract "" on a place of your choice.

Now, when you start the game, will appear to you that the program files "Map", "Shapes", "Images" and "Sounds" are missing.

Therefore Extract now the "" into the "AlephOne-0.11.1" folder.

Now the game can be started by executing the program file "alephone".


The game is controlled using the keyboard and/or the mouse. The default setting provides using the keyboard.

About the "Preferences" the keys can be retrieved and modified.


  • move forward: number pad 8
  • move backwards: number pad 5
  • turn left: number pad 4
  • turn right: number pad 6
  • sidestep left: z (y)
  • sidestep right: x
  • glance left: a
  • glance right: s
  • look up: d
  • look down: c
  • look ahead: v
  • previouse weapon: number pad 7
  • next weapon: number pad 9
  • tigger: space bar
  • 2nd tigger: left ALT
  • sidestep: left SHIFT
  • run/swim: left CTRL
  • look: left META (Windows, Mac)
  • action: TAB
  • auto map: m

If you want to use the mouse, activate it in the "Preferences" first.


  • Mouse Control: activate Mouse
  • Invert Mouse: Vertical Mouse reverse control
  • Always Run: always run
  • Alwasy Swim: always swim
  • Auto-Switch Weapons: Automatic weapon switch



Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) June 2016 | Translation June 2016
Made available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.