Structur of the commands


<declaration> - A command take no effect without a declaration. This can be a Name, Text or a link to a web adress. Dont enter the < and > signs at typing the command.

The commands (A to Z)

/ABOUT - Open the about window of Vision

/AWAY <cause> - Set the person status to away. If you dont write a cause the status will be set to "BRB" automaticaly (be right back).

/BACK - Set the person status to here.

/CLEAR - Clear all displayed text of the chat window

/DCC <CHAT> <Nickname> - Opens a private chat window.

/DCC <SEND> <File> - If you are in aprivate chat you can send a file with this command.

/DEOP <Nickname> - Change Nickname status from Operator to nomal user.

/DESCRIBE <nick> <message> - Action with indicated user implement.

/EXIT - Close Vision.

/GAWAY <Cause> - Like /AWAY but for all channels.

/GBACK - Like /BACK but for all channels.

/GOOGLE <search name> - Opens and starts searching for <search name>.

/INVITE <Nickname> <Channel> - Invite Nickname into Channel.

/JOIN <Channel> - Enter channel

/JOIN /J <Channel> <Password> - Enter channel with passwort protection.

/KICK /K <Nickname> <Cause> - Kick Nickname from channel.

/KILL <Nickname> <Message> - Cut IRC network connection from Nickname.

/LIST - Opens a list of all available channels.

/ME <Text> - Self information (<Nickname> watching TV).

/MSG <Nickname> <Message> - Send message to Nickname.

/NAMES - List all Channels and Nicknames (be carefull).

/NAMES <Channel> - List all Nicknames from Channel.

/NICK <new Nickname> - Change Nickname.

/NOTICE <Nickname> <Message> - Send message to Nickname.

/OP <Nickname> <Nickname 2> - Give Operator status to Nickname.

/PART - Leave channel.

/QUIT - Leave IRC network.

/RECONNECT - Reconnect to IRC network.

/T - Shows "Topic of the day" of channel.

/T <new-channel-topic> - Create new channel topic.

/TOPIC <channel> - Shows topic of channel.

/TOPIC <channel> <new-channel-topic> - Create new channel topic.

/VISIT <Website> - Opens favourite browser with Website.

/WHOIS <Nickname> - Show infomration of Nickname.

Translation by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) September 2007
Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) Februar 2005
Make available by BeSly, the Haiku knowledge base.