1. Prepare
      • Using a bootable USB stick (e.g. Philips Vivid 3.0 USB Stick 128GB or equivalent)
      • using SDFormatter (or equivalent software) to format the usb-stick.
      • using win32 Disk Imager (or equivalent software) to write the image file on the usb stick.
      • Download latest Beta of Haiku from https://www.haiku-os.org/ or download the latest nightly of haiku from https://download.haiku-os.org/
    2. installing the Formatter tool and Diskimager-tool on windows.
    3. format the usb stick
    4. unzip the haiku zip file.
    5. put the imagefile of haiku in the disk imager tool and select write, after the write if finished you can left the usb-stick in the pc.
    6. reboot the pc.
    7. it can be that you must select in the bios usb-boot first (please look in the bios to change the boot device)
    8. haiku should be booting
This Tutorial is under development. It is not completed.