System: BeOS, Haiku, Zeta

How to create Mail Contact addresses for BeMail and Beam

You are new on BeOS, Haiku or ZETA? You have send some mails, but you have no contact addresses in your address book of you mail application? Here we want to explain how to add you mail addresses into your contacts list.

There is one central point for your mail contacts. This is a great thing, because all application who support this function can add your mail contact addresses automatically into there program. Every informations about a person you add into these contacts will be saved into a single file.

To create a contact file we use the system application people, you can find it at /beos/apps/. If you use Zeta you can use DeeperPeople too, this application allow adding more informations about the person.

For E-Mail application you only need to add the mail address and the name for the contact. If you have added these two informations you can save the contact. You can add more informations about the person, this informations can help you find the right contact (like Groups, Nickname, etc).

The contacts will be saved into /boot/home/people/. If you want to make a backup of the contacts, zip the people folder or the singe contact file.

Translation by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) January 2008
Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) September 2004
Made available by BeSly, the BeOS, Haiku and Zeta Knowledgebase.