System: BeOS, Haiku, Zeta

If a yab- program is bound, the yab source if bound on the yab- binary. This means that the complete source code of the program is viewable for anyone. To bind a yab program makes only sense, if the source code is free.

If you want to view a bound yab- Sourcecode you only need to open the bound program with a text editor. You don't can open the file with the menu option "open with", because the system does not give you that option. Open the text editor first and then open the binary using the file panel. How bigger the file, how longer the loading time.

Then the loading process is done, scroll down the document to the beginning of the source code. The source code begins past the row of:


If you want to save parts or the whole source code as such, mark it and save them as new document.

Translation by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) March 2009
Tutorial by Christian Albrecht (Lelldorin) December 2008
Made available by BeSly, the BeOS, Haiku and Zeta knowledge base.