yablogoThe yab interpreter is a basic dialect and a further development of Yabasic.
Yabasic is available for Windows, Linux and Playstation2. 
This yab Version is a development project of TEAM MAUI (Jan__64). It's based on that Original Yabasic Code (Copyright 1995-2006 by Marc-Oliver Ihm).
The extensions for BeOS and Zeta, Haiku were programmed by the Team Maui (Jan Bungeroth).This yab Version is optimized for Haiku, BeOS and ZETA and therefore contains many additional commands. Past version 1.7 yab does not support BeOS and Zeta OS any more.

  • yab improvments Copyright 2006-2014 by Jan Bungeroth
  • yab improvements Copyright 2013-2020 by Jim Saxton 
  • yab improvements Copyright 2016-2021 by Lorenz Glaser (lorglas)

You can see the releases for yab in the timeline. If you have a problem, report to our bug tracker. A problem can be a bug or a new improvement. Please check the timeline, the bug tracker and the documentation beforehand to see if there is such an output that you want.

You can join on irc.oftc.net the #yab channel and look on the history on https://oftc.irclog.whitequark.org/yab/ .

A german yab programming book (yab Handbuch) can be found at software.besly.de.

Programming with yab is a free e-book by Michel Clasquin-Johnson.